T&M Instrumentation

RF spectrum analyzers up to 9.4 GHz, PDAs, USB, outdoor and military antennas, EMC pre-compliance, near field probes, EMF shielding.


High-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Fast Pulse Generators for Advanced Research, Aerospace & Defense, …
Signal generators with unique features: world’s fastest 16 bits AWG, mixed signal generation (Analog + Digital), wide output voltage range, easy-to-use SW interface.


Hipot testers, Wound and transformer testers, Capacitance Meters, LCR Meters, DMM, High accuracy thermal/multifunction dataloggers, SMM PXI modules.
Test solutions for: Electrical safety, Power electronics, Passive components, Semiconductors, FPDs (Flat Panel Displays), LEDs and LED drivers, General purpose and others.


Three-phase power analyzers and recorders (600V), for recording, analysis and monitoring of parameters for predictive Power Management. Rugged, waterproof, comply to STD IP. Operation assured even in harsh environments.


Part of the  GMC INSTRUMENTS GROUP’s corporate structure are also GOSSEN METRAWATT, CAMILLE BAUER, DRANETZ, DRYTRONIC, ElectroTek Concepts, GOSSEN, KURTH Electronic, KainoS, PROSyS, RIGEL MEDICAL and SEAWARD. Their products and system solutions are developed for the fields of: Electrical measuring and test technology, Energy management, Measuring transducers, Control technology, Power supply technology and Recording technology.

Products: Meters and measuring systems, instruments for testing of electrical and medical equipments, calibrators, energy analyzers, high voltage insulation measurements, testing regulations DIN VDE 0701/0702.

GMC Product Catalog     Latest Products Overview     www.gmc-instruments.de

GW-Instek: Digital scopes, signal sources, wide range of AC-DC power supplies, digital power meters, LCR meters, safety testers for most of the standards.

PRODIGIT by GW-Instek: Automatic Test Equipment, Battery pack test systems, AC/DC Sources, AC & DC Electronic loads, Precision current shunts, Consumer energy and power cost monitors (only CE marked products)

GW-Instek General Catalog     www.gwinstek.com     www.prodigit.com

HIKMICRO, specialized in thermal and acoustic technology, provides thermal imaging and  acoustic imaging cameras  and leak detectors for industrial, fire fighting and other kind of inspection or monitoring. Available in fixed and handheld version also for hazordous (ATEX) areas. Used widely predictive maintenance; industrial, utility and building inspections, HVAC, water leakage detection, DIY and other applications increasing their safety and efficiency. Hikvision provides a broad range of physical security products, covering video security, access control, and alarm systems powered by AI technology to support end-users with new applications and possibilities for safety management and business intelligence.

Handheld – IndustrialAutomation  and  Outdoor  catalogs     www.hikmicrotech.com

Space, inertial, tactical or industrial grade accelerometers and thermal switches, Gyros, 6/9 DOF IMU (Inertial Measuring Unit)


Bench and VXI, Programmable Synchro/resolver standard and simulator, Synchro/Resolver angle position indicator, Precision phase meter, Arinc or RS232 to Synchro converter.


Red Pitaya STEMlab board is a compact replacement for several expensive T&M and DAQ instruments and a powerful development platform. Red Pitaya STEMLab boards are network attachable devices focused on simple connectivity and quick accessibility. Having an graphical user interface of your Oscilloscope, Signal Generator and other applications, directly on your web browser will provide you a unique working experience. Red Pitaya open source code enables you to easily access a wide range of technologies and knowledge (from JavaScript to FGPA) and customize the board to fit your needs.


T&M line includes digital oscilloscopes with or without mixed signal capability and integrated frequency generator, RF spectrum analyzers, arbitrary function generators, RF signal generators, multimeters, programmable power supplies and loads, DAQ systems.

RIGOL Interactive Products Overview     RIGOL Products Catalog     eu.rigol.com

High precision std-custom signal conditioning, processing & recognition solutions for DAQ, conversion & translation. Fixed frequency & programmable high/low/band-pass, band-reject filters. Amplifiers, sinewave oscillators.

Interactive T&M Product Guide     R&S®Essentials Catalog     www.rohde-schwarz.com

EMC pre-compliance test LISn instruments, EMC probe kit set, near field CISPR25, LISn, TEM Cells; LISn 240V, RF power amplifiers, ESD tools. Environmental sensors and DAQ systems.


Wide range of professional thermal imagers, featuring valuable price-quality ratio and smart functions. Free Software for analisys and report generation included.


Analog and digital oscilloscopes, function generators, DC power supply, laboratory professional instruments.

Twintex Products Catalog     www.twintex.com

Modular matrix, multiplexers, scanners, digital multimeters, A/D and D/A converters, high speed digitizers, arbitrary sources, digital I/O, time interval, communication, mainframes and special instruments in LXI, PXIe, PXI, VXI, VME.


VME/VPX Chassis, Backplanes and Health Monitoring Systems, power supplies for Military/Industrial Shipboard, Ground Mobile, Avionics and Severe Environment application.



Rugged & high performance modular interface solutions to provide a reliable interconnection for ATE with options to maximise the performance potential of all popular instrument platforms.