Solutions for temperature measurements and calibrations, precise benchtop thermometer readouts with accuracy in mK range, reference resistors, specialised equipment for metrology institutes, custom-made calibration software.

Resistance standards, Current Shunts, Precise Decade Standards Programmable Fluid and Air Bath, Digital Teraohmeter, Resistance/Thermometry Bridges.

Air data test sets, pressure and vacuum, temperature calibrators. Torque and force calibrators. Tachometer testers. Test chambers, test hoses, adapters. Instrument cleaning & contamination prevention.

Specialized laboratory instruments. Benches and clean rooms calibration. Laboratory management, technical services, support & repair center. On-site and off-site service with pick-up & delivery.

Rubidium frequency standard references, ultra low-noise signal analyzers, frequency and phase analyzers, programmable attenuators, RF and Microwaves.

Multifunction, multiproduct calibrators, Electrical test equipment calibrator, High accuracy digital multimeters, AC/DC shunts, Decade resistances, DC voltage standards, Frequency source/measurement GPS standard.