Custom and standard climatic chambers & Environmental test

Temperature and temperature/RH Low energy consumption climatic chambers, Vibration, Vacuum, ESS (Environmental Stress Screening), Corrosion (salt spray, DCTC), Thermal shock test, HAST (pressure test), Sand & dust test, Rain test, Solar light test, Battery test chambers, Solar/Photovoltaic Module, Modular walk-in, Walk-in chambers to test big specimen (vehicles, photovoltaic modules, antennas, …), Combined high performance test chambers (temperature, RH, vacuum and vibrations), Calorimeters, Climatic wind tunnels, Tunnel ovens for thermal treatments, ovens

Solutions provider for the scientific laboratory and industrial testing: Laboratory and industrial Ovens and Furnaces, High temperature Muffle furnaces; Climatic Test chambers, Thermostatic Baths and Chillers; Combinated Refrigerators, Freezers and ULT Deep Freezers; (Cooled) Incubators; Salt Spray cabinets and Cyclic corrosion; Shakers and Flocculators.

Slovenian based company with 35 years of experience in development, manufacturing and testing of complex laboratory and process equipment: Climatic chambers, Thermostatic Baths, (High temperature) Ovens, Vacuum ovens.

Environmental simulation equipments and thermal treatment equipment: climatic chambera, thermostatic chambers, cryogenic chambers, ovens, conveyor ovens, vacuum ovens, vacuum dryers for glove box.