AC/DC Power, EV Battery testers and simulkators

In line automatic battery tester using flying probes technology.

Aircraft GPU, aircraft power supplies, aircraft ground power test loads & battery charge-discharge equipment. Electrical safety, power analyzers, programmable AC, DC power supplies, loads.

Linear and power amps AC in the ranges of audio and ultrasound (5Hz to 800kHz), for general use and special industry, military agencies, universities and research institutions.

Programmable auto ranging DC Power Supplies, Modular DC Power Supplies. Solar Array Simulators. Programmable AC and AC+DC Sources 1 and 3 phases. Regenerative Grid Simulators. Programmable DC and AC+DC Electronic Loads.

Programmable power supplies AC/DC from 240W to 1MW, AC/AC+DC from 250VA to 800kVA, programmable loads DC and AC. Solar pannel simulator systems and regenerative AC/DC converters.

Programmable and non-programmable AC-DC power supplies, Programmable and non-programmable AC-DC electronic loads, EV and Battery industry solutions, Safety testers and analyzers.

Power Supplies Catalog     Solutions for Battery Industry

Programmable DC power supplies starting from 100W, linear, high-resolution, compact, with VFD display, keyboard, soft touch, SW calibration. Programmable DC loads mono & multi-channel, from 150W. Accuracy and resolution, operating modes CC, CV, CR, CW; series or parallel  configurations.

iTECH High Performance Product Catalog

AC and DC power supplies and loads, EEV, power battery, fuel cell, power semiconductor, photovoltaic, electrical component test, general test equipment. E-motor emulators, DC charging pile test systems, bidirectional power supplies, regenerative DC power supplies and loads, grid simulators.

Customized Power Conversion Solutions. AC/AC and AC/DC power sources, AC/AC & AC/DC current generators for: aircraft ground power units (GPU), automotive power test benches, motorhome, marine and offshore power converters, household’s appliances durability, isolation and partial discharge tests, electrical grid testing.

Modular, upgradable, programmable battery testers. Multi channels, reliable, high accuracy, complementary software. Models for battery manufacturing factories and R&D institutes.

Programmable & fixed DC&AC power supplies, grid simulators, 400Hz power supply/ground power, regenerative AC power sources and UPS & voltage regulators, regenerative AC loads.

DC/DC 500W-100kW converters, DC/AC inverters, AC/AC power supplies, DC programmable loads, frequency modifier AC/AC, “ruggedized” UPS. Redundant/fault tolerant modular power solutions, hot bus pluggable.

Programmable power supplies: AC/DC from 240W to 1MW, AC/AC+DC from 250VA to 800kVA. DC and AC programmable loads. Solar panel simulation systems and regenerative power supplies/loads.

AC single/three-phase programmable power supplies, DC linear/switching programmable power supplies, DC electronic loads.

600W DC progammable compact benchtop LXI, 1500W DC HIGH density programmable custom power supplies for medical, industrial, military, telecommunications, semiconductor and labs.

DC/DC converters: modular power components and complete power systems for communications, data processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets. Widest available range from a single manufacture: more than 600 standard products, modified standard or custom design available.