4.0 Board Production

Algocraft is a high-tech company whose core business is to design and develop a wide range of professional systems dedicated to the manufacturing and testing of electronic boards: Single and Parallel in-system Universal Programmers, Single Site in-system Programmers, Socket Gang Programmers.


ESD solutions, test systems and accessories: clothing, handling, quality; conditioned cabinets, baking cabinets, carts, heat sealers …


Fast and reliable device programming solutions specifically addressed to requirements of engineering and manufacturing customers. In-line, off-line, in-system manual and automated from lab to production.


Fully automatic or semi-automatic PCBA in-line and standalone routers, odd form component pick and place, flex-circuit depanelizing machines.
Fast, cost-effective, due to the last innovation in motion control they provide gentle and accurate board extraction.
Low cost high speed inline label placer.


Advanced soldering technology for automation and hand operated: selective & desktop soldering robot, automated units, hand-operated soldering stations, nitrogen gas generators, solder bath, solder fume extractor.


Environmental simulation equipments and thermal treatment equipment: climatic chambera, thermostatic chambers, cryogenic chambers, ovens, conveyor ovens, vacuum ovens, vacuum dryers for glove box.



Programmable automatic battery tab weld stations. Programmable positions, pressure and power; current up to 10 kA.