I.S.I.S. Jožef Stefan (Technical High School)

I.S.I.S. Jožef Stefan

I.S.I.S. Jožef Stefan (Technical High School)

The Jožef Stefan Technical High School is synonymous with scientific and technological education in the Slovenian language in Trieste. The school is distinguished by its concern for the personal growth of each student, which, with a rich range of specific skills and a broad cultural outlook, leads him or her into adulthood; into the world of work, further study and acceptance of responsibility.

In the conviction that today more than ever it is necessary to be one step ahead, I.S.I.S. Jožef Stefan offers its students a wide range of additional optional activities beyond the prescribed content of the curricular subjects. This not only motivates students to deepen and broaden their knowledge, but also to discover and develop talents that would otherwise go unnoticed.

ALL DATA EE d.o.o. as always pays great attention to the world of education and is committed to ensuring that students of all technical disciplines have the best and most efficient technological equipment at their disposal, so that they can learn and improve with modern teaching aids and develop their talents.

For this reason, ALL DATA EE is proud to have been able, as part of the “PON FESR 13.1.4A Green laboratories” project, to enable I.S.I.S. Jožef Stefan to renew the equipment of the electronics laboratory with:

Laboratory equipment: