GW Instek launches new GPP Series Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

GW-Instek GPP-x323 Series

GW Instek launches new GPP Series Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

With the maximum output power of 217W, the GPP-Series, the multi-channel programmable DC power supply, includes four models:

GPP-1326  (front)
CH1: 0~32V / 0~6A

GPP-x323  (rear)

GPP-2323  (front)
CH1: 0~32V / 0~3A
CH2: 0~32V / 0~3A

GPP-3323  (front)
CH1: 0~32V / 0~3A
CH2: 0~32V /  0~3A
CH3: 1V8|2V5|3V3|5V / 5A

GPP-4323  (front)
CH1: 0~32V / 0~3A
CH2: 0~32V / 0~3A
CH3: 0~5V / 0 ~1A
CH4: 0~15V / 0~1A

This series not only provides high program resolution (1mV/0.1mA) and read back resolution (0.1mV/0.1mA), but also features optimal low-ripple noise characteristics ≦350uVrms/≦ 2mArms and output transient recovery capability≦50uS. Independent output on-off switch is provided for each channel.

For series and parallel applications of CH1 and CH2, the tracking function of the GPP series utilizes the internal circuit to automatically switch the output to serial or parallel output without additional external wiring, providing users with convenience not only in operating procedures but also a more stable output. The tracking function design of other brands requires additional external wiring connections for the output in series or parallel. However, excessively long, thin or inconsistent external wiring may cause inaccurate voltage or current output.

Free PC Software, LABView drivers and VBA examples to control and program the unit.

The GPP-Series are remotely controllable and programmable through standardly available RS-232, USB and Ext.I/O interfaces. Additionally also LAN and GPIB+LAN options are available. GW Instek freely distribute PC Software (requires NI runtime presence), LabVIEW drivers and VBA (Excel) examples.

GW Instek – GPP-Series Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supply

Key Features

  • 4.3”TFT LCD Display
  • Supports Setting Value, Measurement Value and Output Waveform Display
  • Load Function (CC, CV, CR Mode)
  • Setting Resolution: 1mV / 0.1mA; Read Back Resolution: 0.1mV / 0.1mA
  • Low Ripple Noise: ≦350uVrms/ ≦2mArms
  • Transient Response Time: ≦50uS
  • Utilizing Hardware to Realize Over Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection / Over Temperature Protection
  • Delay Function / Output Monitoring Function / Output Recorder Function
  • Intelligent Temperature Control Fan Effectively Reduces Noise
  • Sequential Output Function and Built-in 8 Template Waveforms
  • The Output Recorder Function Records The Output Voltage & Current Parameters with A Minimum Recording Interval of 1 Second.
  • Provides 10 Sets of Memory for Each Sequence/Delay/Recorder/Panel Setting Condition
  • GPP-3323 Supports A USB (Type A) Output Terminal
  • Standard: RS-232, USB, Ext I/O ; Optional: LAN, GPIB+LAN
  • Compatible with Commands of GPD-x303S Series

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