I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani (Technical High School)

I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani

I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani (Technical High School)

Malignani has continuously opened itself to changes, experimentation, and improvements in educational offerings. In the changing school, the institute has always had within itself the energy and enthusiasm necessary to accept the challenge of the future and face new things without fear.

The Malignani headquartered at Via Leonardo da Vinci in Udine: total area 35.000 m2 of which 20.000 are covered, classrooms for 15.000 m2, 46 among laboratories and workshops for 9.000 m2 (where the students can experiment the theory) with even 1 hangar containing several aircrafts. A total volume of 120.000 m3. The educational program includes 8 courses of study for over 3.000 students divided in over 115 classes along the five-year journey.

A unicum in Friuli Venezia Giulia, taking into account that next to the teaching facilities is the Materials Testing Laboratory, which provides certified testing services to companies and also offers students professionalizing experience in the field of construction and building sites.
In addition to these facilities are those of leading companies in various product sectors and the University, with which I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani has long signed agreements with innovative approach and content.

The Museums

Through small but meaningful experiences, the institute has long been developing a sense of belonging among faculty, students and community.
In this context, the ideas of museums were also born. The path thus undertaken, also shared and supported by the new manager Prof. Andrea Carletti, led to the foundation of the museums:

    Thanks to the coordination of Prof. Massimo Lillia and with the contribution of collector Claudio Di Fonzo and the HCKLUG group, has been possible to bring to life this important educational/historical reality on the evolution of computational tools.
    The inspiration to create a history trail was born a few years ago thanks to the interest and passion of Prof. Roberto Biondi. The initial realization was later enriched and expanded thanks to Prof. Stefano Comuzzi and the contribution of many supporters (many alumni), who donated some really interesting material.
  • AMX “Ghibli”
    The institute also received as a donation (enriching its hangar) an extraordinary example of an Air Force fighter-bomber aircraft, the Ghibli AMX, which can now be used as a teaching aid by future Aviation Experts.

The museums can be visited by reservation at: malignanimuseum@gmail.com

The new equipment

ALL DATA EE d.o.o. as always pays great attention to the world of education and is committed to provide that students of all technical disciplines have the best and most efficient technological equipment at their disposal, so that they can learn and improve with modern teaching aids and develop their talents.
For this reason, ALL DATA EE is proud to have been able to actively participate to the project and enable I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani to renew the equipment of three of their laboratories with:

Laboratory equipment:

  • N°10 Osciloscopes  RIGOL DS1102Z-E: 2ch 8-bit 100MHz 1GSa/s 30Kwfm/s 25Mpts 7.0″LDC, with RS232/UART, I2C, SPI protocols decode
  • N°8 Osciloscopes(2)  RIGOL DS1102Z-E: 2ch 8-bit 100MHz 1GSa/s 30Kwfm/s 25Mpts 7.0″LCD, with RS232/UART, I2C, SPI protocols decode
  • N°15 Osciloscopes(1)  RIGOL DS1202Z-E: 2ch 8-bit 200MHz 1GSa/s 30Kwfm/s 25Mpts 7.0″LDC, with RS232/UART, I2C, SPI protocols decode
  • N°2 Osciloscopes(1)  RIGOL MSO2302A: 2ch 8-bit 300MHz 2GSa/s 52Kwfm/s 56Mpts 8.0″LCD, with RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN protocols decode
    • N°2  RIGOL MSO2000-BND: RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN protocols decode, advanced triggering (USB included) and measurements
    • N°2  RIGOL RPL2316: 16ch logic probe for MSO8000/7000/4000/2000A
  • N°2 Osciloscopes(2)  RIGOL DHO914S: 4ch 12-bit 125MHz 1.25GSa/s 1Mwfm/s 50Mpts, 7.0″Multi-Touch LCD; MSO ready (with PLA2216)
    • AWG 1ch 14-bit 2mHz..25MHz 156MSa/s 16Kpts
    • Bode-Plot analysis and protocol decode & triggering for RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN
  • N°1 Spectrum amalyzer(1)  RIGOL RSA3015N: 9kHz..1.5GHz, RBW 1Hz..3MHz, SSB Phase noise -102dBc/Hz, with TG and VNA
    • N°1  RSA3000-EMI:  EMI Analysis Mode Option
    • N°1  RSA3000-PA:  Pre-amplifier Option
  • N°1 HV differential probe(1)  RIGOL PHA0150: 0..70MHz, 1.5 kVpp
  • N°1 Near field probe(1)  RIGOL NFP-3: 4 probes set,  30MHz..3GHz
  • N°10 Waveform generators  RIGOL DG821: AWG 16bit 1ch 25MHz 125MSa/s 2Mpts
  • N°15 Waveform generators(1)  RIGOL DG1022Z: AWG 14bit 2ch 25MHz 200MSa/s 8Mpts
  • N°8 Waveform generators(2)  RIGOL DG1032Z: AWG 14bit 2ch 30MHz 200MSa/s 8Mpts
  • N°2 Waveform generators(2)  RIGOL DG1062Z: AWG 14bit 2ch 60MHz 200MSa/s 8Mpts
  • N°1 Waveform generators(1)  RIGOL DG4102: AWG 14bit 2ch 100MHz 500MSa/s 16Kpts
  • N°2 Multimeters(1)  RIGOL DM3058: 5½ digit DMM (240,000 Count), 0.015% Vdc Accuracy
  • N°15 Multimeters  GW-Instek GDM-532: Hand-Held DMM 9999 counts, True RMS
  • N°15 Multimeters(1)  GW-Instek GDM-532: Hand-Held DMM  (Vdc/ac, Adc/ac, R, C, F, FDT%, D, T), 9999 counts, Auto-Ranging, NCV, True RMS
  • N°15 Power supplies  GW-Instek GPS-3030D: 1ch 30V/3A, 90W
  • N°15 Power supplies(1)  GW-Instek GPP-3323L: 3ch (32V/3A || 32V/3A, 1.8|2.5|3.3|5.0V/5A), 217W, Ext I/O with Load (CC|CV|CR)
  • N°1 Load(1)  RIGOL DL3021: Programmable DC load 200W, 150V/40A 15kHz
  • N°1 Isolated transformer(1)  GW-Instek GIT-5060: 250V 4A 900VA 50..60Hz
  • N°10 Spectrum analyzers  TynySA ULTRA: 100kHz-5.3GHz SA with 100kHz-800MHz MF/HF/VHF/UHF signal generator; 4″ Touch, uSD 32GB
  • N°10 Vector analyzers  NanoVNA-H4: 10k-1.5GHz vector network analyzer, 4″Touch, with antenna analyzer
  • N°1 Field meter  DIPROGRESS DPMAX10: DVB-T/T2/S/S2 combo meter, MPEG2/4/HD/H265, HEVC/Main10, with Fiber Optic Power Meter
  • N°1 SWR meter  DAIWA CN-501H: 3SWR & Power meter 1.8..150MHz, 15/150/1500W

(1) donated by ASEM Srl


  • N°1 Building automation  Google Nest HUB: 2nd gen. voice assistant
  • N°1 Building automation  Amazon Echo Dot: 5th gen. smart Bluetooth speaker with Alexa integration


The ALLdata Group would like to thank Professors Chiaruttini, Lillia and Piussi and the entire technical department of the institute along with our gold-partners RIGOL and GW-Instek.

A special thanks goes to Greg Nicoloso, CEO of ASEM S.r.l., a Rockwell Automation Company operating in the Industrial Automation and Test & Measurement markets with a full range of industrial PCs, industrial monitors, HMI systems, controllers (PAC, PLC), remote assistance and gateways for Industrial IoT.
ASEM has been one of the pioneers in the technological and digital integration between the worlds of Information & Communication Technologies (I.C.T.) and Industrial Automation, a forerunner in the application of digital technologies and the guidelines at the basis of the fourth industrial revolution called “Industry 4.0”, and is today one of the emerging companies in the European Industrial Automation market.
The company is characterized by its own hardware, firmware, software, mechanical and systems design capabilities, and the ability to manage all stages of the production process on its own, including the assembly and soldering of the electronic boards by employing human resources, from production to management cadre, who mostly have graduated at I.S.I.S. Arturo Malignani in Udine. Today ASEM employs over 270 people, 30% of whom are dedicated to R&D activities.

Special thanks goes also to the Piaggio Foundation, a non-profit organization established with the aim of enhancing in its activities a virtuous combination of business and culture, developing important synergies with the territory and its excellence in the fields of culture, art, science, technology, manufacturing and tourism.

Without ASEM and the Piaggio Foundation, which donated a significant portion of the equipment to the school, this would not have been possible.