IFAM, INTRONIKA and ROBOTICS 2023 (Thank you all)


IFAM, INTRONIKA and ROBOTICS 2023 (Thank you all)

We would like to thank all our many customers and visitors who attended the “IFAM INTRONIKA ROBOTICS 2023” trade fair in Ljubljana and showed great interest in our innovations and asked questions about our products.

Dario Majovsky, Chiara Di Baldassarre (Ph. Natascia Tiepolo)

It was also nice to face many schools and their teachers and to explain a little to the students the basics of measurement techniques and the use of different measuring instruments.

We were also happily surprised by the number of parents who brought their primary school eighth-graders and first-year students from technical schools to the fair to show them the world of  technology and to equip them with a little home laboratory.

Working with all of you on an almost daily basis always makes our work enjoyable.

Thank you all