MFR2023 – Thank you

MFR2023 - Maker Faire Rome

MFR2023 – Thank you

Rossella Astorino, Chiara Di Baldassarre, Gaetano Vullo (Ph. Dario Majovsky)

We would like to thank all the many customers and visitors who visited our booth during the days of the »#MFR2023 – Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition« exhibition and showed renewed interest in our products and services.
It is the almost daily interaction with you that makes our work always enjoyable.

In the stand we showcased Rigol’s DL3021 programmable load, DHO924S (12bit), DS1104Z-S Plus (8bit) and MSO5354 (8bit) digital mixed-signal oscilloscopes, GW-Instek’s GSP-730 spectrum analyzer and the revolutionary Rohde & Schwarz MXO4 (12/18bit, that actually holds several world-records in its class).
These instruments are particularly suitable for home and school laboratories in technical colleges and universities.

ALL DATA EE as always pays great attention to the world of education and is committed to ensuring that students of all technical disciplines have the best and most efficient technological equipment at their disposal, so that they can learn and improve with modern teaching aids and develop their talents.
Therefore, on this occasion we proudly launched an initiative we had been working on since the IFAM2023 fair that gave us the inspiration, dedicated to students and teachers of technical schools and universities, for their home laboratories. Contact us for more information.

Thanks to all of you