IFAM, INTRONIKA and ROBOTICS 2024 (Thank you all)


IFAM, INTRONIKA and ROBOTICS 2024 (Thank you all)

We would like to thank all our many customers and visitors who attended the “IFAM INTRONIKA ROBOTICS 2024” trade fair in Ljubljana showing great interest in our products.

This year we held the Slovenian Premiere of Rohde & Schwarz‘s MXO5, the new MSO 8+16 channels 2GHz bandwith MSO that with its >4.5M wfms/s the world’s fastest oscilloscope, and the EPL1000, the new single-shot time-domain-scan EMI test receiver for compliance and precompliance measurements and certifications with builtin report generator and in line with IEC, EN, CISPR and FCC regulations.

There was also great interest in the new battery-powereable 12-bit mixed-signal oscilloscope, the new DHO924S from Rigol Technologies, with built-in AWG generator and included protocol decoding & triggering for a range of serial buses.

Dario Majovsky, Rossella Astorino, Chiara Di Baldassarre (Ph. Rossella Astorino)

In addition to the three Slovenian premieres, we also exhibited a number of other Rohde & Schwarz instruments such as the outstanding MXO4 (12/18-bit, that actually holds several world-records), the RTH (portable 10-bit, with galvanically isolated inputs) and the RTB2000 digital mixed-signal oscilloscopes together with  the LCX-200 LCR meter and a few current probes RT-ZC02 and RT-ZC03. For the RTH we also sohwcased our MDA (Motor Drive  Analyzer) application dedicated to automated measurement and diagnostics of inverters and motors, currently in beta stage.

From GW-Instek we had the top-selling multi-channel GPP-3323L DC power supply with integrated CC|CV|CR electronic load functions, the multi-channel 60MHz arbitrary function generator with built-in RF generator up to 320MHz MFG-2260MRA, the handheld LCR meter LCR-916. , the single-phase 16-bit and up to 100KHz digital power meter GPM-8310 with harmonic measurement and analysis, the multi-channel hipot tester GPT-9513 and the 5 in 1 electrical safety analyzer GPT-12004  IEC61010-2-034 compliant.

This time from Rigol we exhibited the RSA5065-TG, the 9kHz-6.5GHz spectrum analyzer with 40MHz RTB and Tracking generator (TG) and EMI Analysis Mode option (the N models have also VNA functionality) with a set of NFP-3 (near field probes kit). The range of mixed-signals oscilloscope was composed from the MSO7054, the DS1104Z-S Plus and the new 12-bit DHO924S. The latter two are particularly suitable for school laboratories in technical colleges and universities while the DHO924S, being battery-powerable through its USB Type-C power connector, is perfect for (lower budget) industrial maintenance and diagnosis, both on the shop floor and in the field. The Rigol line has been further completed with the 6½ digital multimeter DM3068 and the DAQ system M300 for which we showcased also our drivers for its use with Simatic S7 PLCs (S7-300/400/1500).

Last year we were happily surprised by the number of parents who brought their primary school eighth-graders and first-year students from technical schools to the fair to show them the world of  technology and to equip them with a little home laboratory.
ALL DATA EE d.o.o. always pays great attention to the world of education and is committed to provide that students of all technical disciplines have the best and most efficient technological equipment at their disposal, so that they can learn and improve with modern teaching aids and develop their talents. This is reflected in our support for schools and universities.

Therefore, for students who wish to equip their home-lab, starting from Maker Fair Rome, we have made a dedicated products selection that allows them the purchase of the equipment at bargain prices, provided they present the proof of current student status. The initiative is extended also for teachers and professors with the same premises. (One piece per item.)

Working with all of you on an almost daily basis always makes our work enjoyable.

Thank you all