R&S®MXO4: The wait is over!


R&S®MXO4: The wait is over!

Rohde & Schwarz presents the neXt generation oscilloscope for accelerated insight

The R&S®MXO 4 series is the first of a new generation of oscilloscopes that excels in both performance and value. The instruments deliver a once-in-a-decade engineering breakthrough for accelerated insight.

They feature the world’s fastest real-time update rate of 4.5 million waveforms per second, allowing engineers to see more rare events than with any other instrument. The 12-bit ADC of the R&S®MXO 4 series has 16 times the resolution of conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes at all sample rates, enabling more precise measurements without compromise. With a standard 400 Mpts acquisition memory on all four channels and an optional 800 Mpts interleaved memory, the instrument has up to 100 times the standard memory of comparable instruments.

The R&S®MXO 4 series oscilloscopes are a class above comparable oscilloscopes and impress with a capacitive 13.3″ full HD touchscreen and an intuitive user interface with a learning curve of less than 15 minutes.

Key facts

  • Bandwidth: 200MHz, 350MHz, 500MHz, 1GHz and 1.5 GHz
  • World’s first oscilloscope with an update rate >4.5M waveforms per second
  • Industry-leading system architecture: 18-bit vertical resolution/12-bit ADC
  • Deepest in class standard memory: 400 Mpoints
  • Industry leading spectrum acquisition rate of >45,000 FFT/s
  • Higest offset into 50Ω input
  • 4 analog ch.: 0.2~1.5GHz, 12~18bit, 5GSa/s, 4.5MWfms/s, 400Mpts/ch
    HDmode: 18bit@10MHz, 16bit@100MHz, 15bit@200MHz, 14bit@500MHz
  • Noise floor 28uV@500uV/div;  Offset: ±5V@500uV, ±50V@80mV, ±200V@800mV
  • 16 digital ch.: 400MHz, ±40V, 1bit, 5GSa/s, 400Mpts/ch
  • Timebase accuracy ±0.2ppm,; Trigger rearm time <21ns, Trigger jitter <1ps
  • History and segmented memory (10K); opt. 2ch@800Mpts/ch, 1M segments
  • Decode: UART|RS232/422/485|I2C|SPI, CAN|CAN-FD/XL|LIN, 10BASE-T1S, SPMI
  • AWG:  2 channels 1m~100MHz, 5m~10Vpp, 16bit, 625MSa/s, 40Mpts/ch
    Modulation AM|FM|FSK|PWM, Sweep