TRANSMILLE 4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator

TRANSMILLE 4000 Series

TRANSMILLE 4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator

The 4000 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8ppm.

The 4000 Series builds on the trusted reliability of the 3000A series, offering an updated user interface accessed through a large 7″ capacitive touch screen to enable advanced functionality, including a built-in procedure mode and inbuilt connection prompts to minimize errors.

Procedures can be loaded into the 4000 Series via USB memory stick, with results stored for integration back into ProCal software. The 4000 Series also provides USB printer connectivity as standard, supporting a wide range of PCL compatible printers. Reports can be printed directly from the calibrator – ideal for in-situ or on-site applications.

4000 Series Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator – Introduction


To maintain confidence in your equipment, simply connect an 8000 series digital multimeter to the rear of the unit and enter ‘self-calibration mode’. The 4000 series will then proceed to measure its outputs automatically and generate a test report which can be exported to a USB memory stick for analysis on a computer, and print a test report via a USB printer for maintaining records.


As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed. Existing procedures will not need to be re-written due to Transmille’s unique implementation of flexible standards support where procedures are written around the UUT not the standard.

4010 Specifications
DC VOLTAGE 0 - ±1025V; ±8ppm
DC CURRENT 0 - 30A; ±50ppm
AC VOLTAGE 20mV - 1000V, 10Hz - 1MHz; 0.015%
AC CURRENT 20uA - 30A, 10Hz - 30kHz; 0.04%
RESISTANCE (PASSIVE) 0 Ohms - 1 GOhm; 18ppm
FREQUENCY 1Hz - 10MHz; 1ppm
RESISTANCE (SIMULATED) 0 Ohms - 1 GOhm; 100ppm