TRANSMILLE 8100 Advanced Precision 7.5 / 8.5 Digit Multimeter

Transmille 8104

TRANSMILLE 8100 Advanced Precision 7.5 / 8.5 Digit Multimeter

The 8100 Series from Transmille is the most advanced multimeter available on the market. Featuring a full colour screen, the 8100 Series offers a wide range of functionality and covers a wide range of input parameters whilst achieving breakthrough performance. The 8100 is a significant improvement on previous technologies and remains at an affordable price point.

8100 Advanced Multimeter – Introduction


The 8100 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of measurement parameters with specifications as low as 4ppm. The 8100 is designed with metrologists in mind, with great care taken in the design of sensitive input electronics.

Ultra low input bias current on DC Voltage inputs minimise errors when utilised as a null meter with Resistive Dividers, and High Input Impedance on AC Voltage up to 10V reduces errors when measuring current through use of current shunts to enable the 8100 Series ensuring reliable measurements across multiple functions.

Dynamic display of accuracy, 8.5 digital precision, measurement uncertainty, standard deviation and more provide metrologists with immediate feedback of their measurement and enable users to maximise performance while improving confidence in measurements.


The 8100 Series features an advanced command set including emulation modes for popular remote languages. This enables the 8100 Series to be used with Legacy metrology software that does not yet support Transmille equipment.

As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed.


The 8100 Series offers the widest range of inputs of any multimeter on the market, with current input of 30A without the need for external current shunts and dedicated low noise electrometer input


The 8100 Series has been optimised for use with Transmille’s range of AC/ DC current shunts enabling DC and offset parameters to be entered in providing direct measurement of applied current on the screen. The 8100 simultaneously measures the voltage and frequency and performs a real time correction based upon the AC/DC difference at the current frequency and the value of the shunt.

The high input impedance of the 8100 series below 10V AC removes the requirement for buffer amplifiers minimising sources of errors and simplifying connections.

8104 Specifications
DC VOLTAGE 0 - ±1025V; ±4ppm
DC CURRENT 0 - 30A; ±7ppm
DC CURRENT (ELECTROMETER INPUT) 10nA - ±10uA Ranges, 0.01pA Resolution ±30ppm
AC VOLTAGE 20mV - 1025V, 10Hz - 1MHz; 0.015%
AC CURRENT 0 - 30A; ±0.03%
RESISTANCE 0 Ohms - 1 GOhm; 8ppm
RESISTANCE (ELECTROMETER) 10 MOhms - 1T Ohm, 10V - 300V; ±140ppm
FREQUENCY 10Hz - 1MHz; 5ppm
TEMPERATURE (PRT / RTD) 2/3/4 Wire Support for IEC 751 & ITS 90 Coefficients
TEMPERATURE (THERMOCOUPLE) Support for over 8 Types ±0.05°C
REAR PANEL TERMINALS Fitted as standard