New MSO5000 Oscilloscopes from RIGOL


New MSO5000 Oscilloscopes from RIGOL

RIGOL Technologies introduces its new high-performance MSO5000 series oscilloscopes with a large 9″ color touch screen.

These devices are comprehensive, high-performance oscilloscopes based on Rigol’s most advanced on-chip ASIC technology, integrating versatile processes. With bandwidths from 70 MHz to 350 MHz (bandwidth upgrade possible) and a sampling rate of 8 GS/s, the MSO5000 series is ideally suited for applications in research and development, universities and schools, production and quality control in the automotive, communications and aerospace industry and power electronics, and much more.

Analog Front-End-Chip


For the acquisition and processing of measurement data and large data sets, a storage depth of up to 200 million points is available as an option. And with a signal acquisition rate of up to 500,000 wfms/sec, the user can capture, display and evaluate fast signal sequences. Fastest analysis (decoding) and their representation possibilities were realized by the ultrafast chip set of the newest UltraVision II architecture.

As always, Rigol has not promised too much here and offers these fully equipped oscilloscopes at the best price/performance ratio.

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