New generation handheld DMM, the GDM-500 series; In your palm, powerful and beyond

GW-Instek GDM-541

New generation handheld DMM, the GDM-500 series; In your palm, powerful and beyond

GW Instek, a professional T&M manufacturer, rolled out the new generation handheld DMM-the GDM-500 series on June 10, 2022. The series features simplicity, easy-to-use, high accuracy, and durability. Other than being a powerful portable instrument for electrical and electronic engineers in their route operations, the series can also become a simple and basic T&M instrument for households. With one GDM-500 in hand, you will experience its infinite power in T&M.

Compared with the previous generation GDM300/400 series, the GDM-500 series not only inherits the power-saving automatic power-off function of the GDM300/400 series, rotary switch for various measurement functions, and the simple and easy-to-operate key design, but also fully incorporates the NCV (Non-Contact Voltage) function, which is convenient for engineers to read voltage data quickly by utilizing the non-contact detection function when measuring outdoors.

While facing the measurement situation where the voltage/current of the DUT is unknown, engineers are most concerned that the voltage/current of the DUT will exceed the measurement capability of the DMM, causing direct damage to the DMM. Therefore, the GDM-500 series is equipped with audible/visual alarms. Once the voltage/current exceeds the measurement range of the DMM, an alarm will sound immediately to avoid instrument damage caused by misuse by engineers.

The GDM-500 series has four models, including GDM-541, GDM-533, GDM-532, GDM-531. GDM-541/533/532 have the true RMS function, which is not affected by signal so as to make the measurement value more accurate; GDM-541/533 has the Analog Bar function and USB interface. The Analog Bar function can simulate the swing movement of the pointer, making the measured value clearer and easier to identify, and the USB interface design makes it easier for engineers to connect with the computer to reduce work time. In addition, GDM-541 has incorporated AC+DC voltage measurement function, which can restore the authentic appearance of the signal.

The basic functions of the GDM-500 series are compatible to desktop DMMs, including: fuse-protected current input, auto ranging, and duty cycle. Engineers are no longer restricted by the stationary measurement of desktop DMMs, a portable handheld DMM can complete high-precision measurement requirements on the move.

Andy Kung, deputy manager of GW Instek overseas marketing division, said that the GDM-500 series inherits many advantages of the GDM300/400 series, and strengthens the measurement functions that meet the requirements of human operations. It is expected to bring maintenance engineers lighter, more economical and more accurate T&M experience to effectively reduce the measurement time of maintenance engineers.

Key Features

  • Auto Ranging (GDM-541/533/532)
  • True RMS (GDM-541/533/532)
  • Analog Bar (GDM-541/533)
  • USB (GDM-541/533)
  • Display Backlight (GDM-541/533/532/531)
  • NCV Function (GDM-541/533/532/531)
  • Audible / Visual Alarm (GDM-541/533/532/531)
  • AC+DC Voltage (GDM-541)
  • LPF ACV (GDM-541)
  • hFE Test (GDM-541)
  • LoZ ACV (GDM-533)

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