Rohde & Schwarz Demo Unit Sales – Winter 2022

R&S®RTO6 The Next Level

Rohde & Schwarz Demo Unit Sales – Winter 2022

This Rohde & Schwarz instrumentation is to be considered available for sale unless sold.

The instruments are supplied after calibration by the manufacturer, delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

The warranty on the present products is 12 months.

R&S®DescriptionList PriceDiscountSale Price(*)
FPC10001328.6660K02: Spectrum Analyzer 3GHz with options FPC-B2, FPC-B3, FPC-B22, FPC-B2004.265,00 €53,00%2.000,00 €
FPC1500-COM21328.6660P99: Spectrum Analyzer 3GHz full-optional6.980,00 €40,00%4.190,00 €
FPL10261304.0004K26: Spectrum Analyzer 26.5GHz with options FPL1-B5, FPL1-B9, FPL1-B10, FPL1-B3035.355,00 €40,00%21.215,00 €
FSW261312.8000K26: Signal Analyzer 26.5GHz with options FSW-B10, FSW-B160121.355,00 €50,00%60.675,00 €
HM81183593.0539K02: LCR Bridge/Meter2.895,00 €40,00%1.735,00 €
NGL2023638.3376K03: Power supply 2Ch., 120W, 0V..20V, ≤6V:0A..6A, >6V:0A..3A3.340,00 €40,00%2.000,00 €
NGM2023638.4472K03: Power supply 2Ch., 120W, 0V..20V, ≤6V:0A..6A, >6V:0A..3A with option NGM-K1065.410,00 €40,00%3.245,00 €
RTA4k-COM41335.7700P99: Oscilloscope RTA4004+B2410, 1GHz 16Ch.MSO, AWG with options RTA-B1, RTA-B6, RTA-PK126.000,00 €62,00%10.000,00 €
RTE10341326.2000K34: Oscilloscope 4Ch., 350MHz13.430,00 €60,00%5.370,00 €
RTO20141329.7002K14: Oscilloscope 4Ch., 1GHz, 10GSa/s, 2Gpts opt. 16Ch.MSO31.250,00 €40,00%18.750,00 €
RTO641802.0001K04: Oscilloscope 4Ch., 6GHz, 20GSa/s, 16Ch.MSO with RTO6-B1, RTO6-B6, RTO6-B96, RTO-Z164.630,00 €40,00%38.800,00 €
SMCV100B1432.7000K02: Vector Signal Generator 3GHz with option SMCVB-B1038.175,00 €40,00%4.900,00 €

(*) Prices are EXW Milano (I) and do not includes local taxes, VAT and shipping costs. Available for sale unless sold.