RIGOL announces a series of compact oscilloscopes with outstanding performance


RIGOL announces a series of compact oscilloscopes with outstanding performance

Extremely extendable; up to 2 GHz bandwidth and multiple channels

RIGOL Technologies EU introduces four new high-end oscilloscopes that allow multiple modules to be cascaded to increase the number of channels. The DS8000-R series digital mixed-signal oscilloscopes represent a line of mid-range and high-end instruments with compact dimensions designed based on an ASIC chip (for which RIGOL owns the intellectual property rights) and the UltraVisionII technical platform, also developed by the company.

Analog Front-End-Chip


Compact and slim, the new oscilloscopes support system integration of multiple devices. Cascaded rack mounting and remote operation enable them to meet the channel count requirements of test systems in industrial automation and research. With a sampling rate of 10 GSa/s, the DS8000-R series oscilloscopes boast analog bandwidths of 350 MHz, 1 GHz and 2 GHz and support synchronous triggering of multiple devices, reaching a maximum extension of 512 channels. Standard memory size reaches 500 Mpt for all channels. The instruments in the new series offer an excellence solution aimed at users who must meet both the high-speed requirements imposed by system integration tests and the synchronization needs associated with multichannel data acquisition.

Cabinet with multiple DS8000-R configuration

The DS8000-R series consists of a series of oscilloscopes with 1U height and half-rack width. Within the 1U height, 4 analog input channels, 1 external trigger input channel, and 1 AWG generator output channel (25 MHz) are available. These instruments can be used in both benchtop and cabinet versions. When used bench-top as a standalone instrument, they can be equipped with the feet provided as standard.

Area of application: DS8000R as a laboratory measurement device.

For cabinet installation, a rack mount kit is available. All this provides customers with an intuitive user experience in any setting, be it the laboratory or production environment.

  • Multiple DS8000-R series oscilloscopes can be installed and achieve extended configurations of up to 512 channels capable of real-time synchronous acquisitions.
  • A single DS8000-R in standalone configuration offers a maximum jitter level of 200 ps rms and a maximum delay of 150 ps, greatly improving measurement accuracy.
  • Multi-device integration with stable performance, with up to 128 sets for synchronous data acquisition and transmission, ensures high and reliable measurement accuracy.
  • A synchronization module is available for integrated system scenarios and to install the channel synchronization calibration kit on-site.
  • The synchronization module offers data transfer of up to 10 GB/s on 10 GE SFP+ optical interface.
  • With ULTRADAQ LITE, RIGOL offers high-speed PC-based multichannel data acquisition software to control and visualize all channels.


With the new real-time eye diagram and analysis software, professional digital jitter analysis including trend measurement can be achieved.

ULTRADAQ LITE high-speed data acquisition PC software to control and display all channels.

In addition to this, versatile triggering, mathematical calculation and visualization functions (enhanced FFT @ 1 million points, mask test and power analysis) are available. Protocol analysis by serial bus (Decode/Trigger – Options), built-in voltmeter, counter, totalizer and arbitrary function generator complete the equipment of these powerful 6-in-1 tools.

Various interfaces such as USB Host, USB Device, HDMI, LAN, 10 GE SFP+ and TRIG OUT are available.

As a special feature, RIGOL offers a number of enhancements involving bandwidths, serial decoding, and software upgrading of functions. The risk of a purchase that is not up to snuff is therefore minimized: customers can start with a simpler piece of equipment and enhance it later to meet more advanced or demanding measurement requirements.

In addition, RIGOL’s well-known 3-year warranty simplifies and nullifies the risks associated with user switching from another supplier.

As always, RIGOL offers the new fully equipped oscilloscopes at the best price/performance ratio. This is complemented by a full range of active, passive and high-voltage probes. A software development kit and synchronization tool package are also available.

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